Not Just a Partner, an Enabler

Scalability. Agility. Reliability. These are the three key pillars of HashTag’s partnership program. When you become a partner, you are no longer limited by your own technology and skills. And neither are your customers. HashTag offers it’s partnership service under the following two models:

White Label Partner Benefits

As a White Label Partner, you achieve the best possible outcomes, not just for your business, but for you clients/customers too. As a result, you can nurture the perfect relationship with your customers with our dedicated billing and 1st level support. Leverage our products and solutions to build your brand to its fullest potential.

Strengthen Your Brand

Go to market with your own brand




Attractive Pricing

Work with specially considered partner pricing models



Client Satisfaction

Stay on your toes with your client interactions and offer the best solutions in the market



Maintain ownership of your client accounts


Professional Support

Receive professional support, service delivery from HashTag Technologies & HashTag Business Support

Customized Engagement Model

Hire dedicated resources orTime and material be part of a successful brand

Reseller Partner Benefits

As a reseller partner, you can focus on your sales, distribution, and training, while we build the product. Establish your credibility through HashTag’s brand and reap the benefits of our combined effort to bring HashTag’s solutions to the global market.

Business Benefits

Amidst a constantly changing business landscape, only the best services or products can make it big. And having access to a team with a proven record for delivering such solutions can be a big advantage. Strengthen existing business relations and forge new ones through our reseller partnership. You can make the most of our reseller partner program if you are a:

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Want to kickstart your project’s growth and scalability? How about enhancing your enterprise software for greater resilience against unforeseen disruptions? Or maybe you want to take your brand global using our platform? Tell us what you would like to talk to us about and one of our solutioning experts will get back to you.