Our Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services

We deliver customized mobile app maintenance services that accomplish all your mobility needs.

App Monitoring Services

Application monitoring for evaluating the end-user experience and component-level performance of the mobile application.

  • Server monitoring
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Security reviews
  • Performance monitoring
  • Hosting & third party payment monitoring
  • App crash monitoring
  • App feedback monitoring
  • Third party integration update reviews
  • App store management & monitoring
  • Source code repository & versioning

App Upgrade Services

We provide smart ways of maintaining the user interface and upgrading it to new OS advances user functionality outperforms the application efficiency.

  • Mobile app performance optimization
  • Correct errors
  • Upgrade to support upcoming OS and devices
  • Operational level support
  • Support new library versions
  • Refactoring deprecated code ( If required )
  • Improve the app interfaces and interactions
  • Perfecting existing acceptable functions
  • Major upgrades and additions
  • Data model migrations between update

Mobile App Maintenance and Enhancement Services

Integrated maintenance & enhancement support services to streamline, manage & maximize all systems and applications within your organization.

  • Feature extension
  • Release plan and management
  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements
  • Security enhancement
  • App porting
  • Migration script and backend server modification
  • Performance enhancement
  • Usability enhancement
  • Continuous testing

App Support, Maintenance & Optimization Services

From productivity enhancement, feature enrichment, to regular functionality updates, our mobile app maintenance & support services help you make your app convenient to use.

  • Responding to customer queries
  • Providing enterprise training programs
  • Deploying the apps to app stores/enterprise stores
  • Integrating to complex corporate systems

Mobile Application Maintenance & Support Services Model

Our Android & iOS app maintenance services support model enables better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity, and result in higher app ROI.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Offering technical support, bug fixing, corrective maintenance, and app version upgrades, etc.

Part Time / Full Time Person

Our ingenious team manages all maintenance work including app monitoring, app upgrades, and enhancements.

Scope Based Maintenance

Having a routine schedule for checking critical app features and performance will increase customer satisfaction and help diminish future problems.


Smartphones aren't like the other development platforms. A mix of business drivers, innovation changes, and use attributes cause mobile applications to experience the ill effects of a much higher rate of progress than web or desktop applications. These progressions are started by gadget makers and working framework proprietors like Apple and Google, and are completely outside the ability to control of application developers.

Here is a rundown of regular incessant mobile platform changes:

  • New equipment: regularly a few new gadgets turn out every year
  • New working framework form: the essential framework that your application keeps running on changes altogether every year
  • New programming dialect form: the linguistic structure that developers use to make your application changes every year
  • New styles and plans: UI styles are changed every year to keep them crisp and to exploit new advancesNew library forms: the libraries and conditions that designers used to make your unique application change every year
  • New use designs: the nature of your client base might change from year to year
  • Infrastructure changes: the frameworks backing your application might change every year
  • Security changes: any part of the application might be affected by security changes every year

It would be awesome if these progressions were set aside and happened in the meantime every year. But, actual distinctive changes happen at various times of the year - and some takes place with next to zero cautioning.

Without active maintenance of your application, it won't adjust to the above mentioned progressions. In case your app doesn't adjust to the progressions, it's simply a matter of time until your application stops working.

The cost of a mobile app maintenance contract fluctuates a lot depending upon needed support level and application criticality. Regularly it is 15-20% of the cost of the development while ascertaining the amount it will cost to maintain mobile app. If your initial application development cost is $40,000, you can reasonably expect to spend about approx $6000 every year on mobile application maintenance.
Listed down are the benefits of mobile app maintainance:
  • Cost reduction and greater Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Increased predictability
  • Performance optimization
  • Flexible capacity
  • Global operation scalability
  • Demand flexibility enablement
Our mobile app maintenance service includes:
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Erformance monitoring, management and testing
  • Preventive maintenance and support
  • Functional uplift of the app
  • Strategic app upgrade (for accomplishing the goal of the project)

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