Applications of AI and ML in IoT Apps

Unlock the new possibilities by meaningful integration of AI and ML technologies to your IoT applications.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles

We use ML and deep learning algorithms to power computer vision that helps autonomous vehicles make decisions in a human way.

Precision Farming & Cultivation

Precision agriculture uses AI technology and IoT sensors to aid in detecting diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on farms.

Voice Powered Smart Homes

AI technology has led the construction of automated voice homes, whereby functioning is controlled by an app with enhanced security.


Predictions on Patients' Health

ML based apps can help doctors to treat patients in advance and save lives by having hands-on predictions based on their patient data.

Magic Mirrors for Virtual Try-on

Smart mirrors combine sensors, displays, and computer vision powered cams to offer shoppers trending clothing recommendations.

Recommendation Engine

It uses the user's history to suggest similar products or services. Just like the suggestions while shopping from Amazon or watching Netflix.



Smart inventory management is the use of IoT technology to monitor and optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, and increase efficiency in supply chain management.
Smart inventory management can help businesses save time and money by reducing inventory holding costs, preventing stockouts, and improving overall inventory accuracy.
IoT devices such as RFID tags, sensors, and barcode scanners can be used for smart inventory management, along with custom mobile apps and cloud-based analytics platforms.

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